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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Lakshmi Sahasranamavali Lyrics in Telugu PDF Lakshmi Narayana Kavacham Stotram. Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram In Telugu. Topics: Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram In Telugu. Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram In. Rama Sahasranamavali. Names of Lord Rama. Names of Goddesses . Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi Sahasranamavali. Names.

Khidhyanthi manava sarve dhana bhaavena kevalam, Sidhyanthi dhanino anyasya naiva Dharmatha Kamana.

Humans are mainly suffering due to the scarcity of wealth, For they can never attain Dharma and wealth without money. Daridhrya dwamsini nama kena vidhyaa prakeerthithaa, Kena vaa Brhama vidhyapi kena mruthyu vinasini.

Who is being sung about as one who removes poverty? Please tell about her who is called knowledge, Knowledge of the ultimate and one who destroys death. Sarvaasaam saara bhoothaikaa vidhyaanaam kerrthithaa, Prathyaksha sidhidhaa Brahman , Thamachakshwa Dhayanidhe.

Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram

Oh Brahman , please tell us about her who is the essence of all knowledge, And who gives results of all action done instantaneously. Sanathkumara Uvacha Sadhu prushtam Maha Bhagaa, sarva loka hithoushinaa, Mahathaamesha dharmascha nanthyeshamithi may mathi.

Oh great one, you have well asked for the benefit of all the world, I feel that such a thought will occur only to great ones and not to others.

Brahma Vishnu Mahadeva, mahendradhi mahathmabhi, Samproktham kadhayamyadhya Lakshmi nama sahasrakam. I am telling you the thousand names of Goddess Lakshmi, Which has been praised by Brahma , Vishnu , Shiva and alo Indra, Yathyocharana mathrena daridryoth muchyathe nara. Later Lord Shiva's ganas or his followers find the ashes of Manmatha and through their icha sakthi create a child. That child is taught all the right things and proves very powerful.

That power slowly builds into ego and anger. Everything opposite to love. Manmatha depicted love but his ashes turned out to be the opposite. The powerful child became known as Bhanda-asura. Meaning Bhandha means bondage and Asura is evil. Bhandasura, who made all the world impotent and ruled from the city called Shonita pura. He started troubling the devas. The devas then sought the advice of Sage Narada who advised them to conduct a fire sacrifice.

From the fire rose Tripura Sundari. Lalita[ edit ] In Lalita Sahasranama, the beginning of the text describes the formless Lalitha with an explicit female form and along with an equally charming consort.

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama stotram – śrī lakṣmī sahasranāma stōtram

This divine couple is named as Kameshvari and Kameshvara. Kameshvari is described as extremely beautiful, having dark thick long hair with the scent of champaka , ashoka and punnaga flowers. She had the musk tilaka on her forehead, eyelids which appeared as if they were the gate of the house of the God of love, and having eyes like fish playing in the lake of her face.

She had a nose with studs that shone more than the stars, ears with the sun and moon as studs, cheeks which were like the mirror of Padmaraga , beautiful rows of white teeth, and she was chewing thambula with camphor. She had a voice sweeter than the sound emanating from veena of Sarasvati , and having such a beautiful smile that Kameshvara himself could not take his eyes off her.

She was wearing a mangala sutra and necklaces, with beautiful breasts which were capable of downloading the invaluable love of Kameshvara, having wisps of beautiful hair raising from her belly, her stomach having three pretty folds, and she was wearing red silk tied with a string with red bells.

She had thighs which steal the heart of Kameshvara, knees which looked like crowns made of precious gems, voluptuous legs, upper part of the feet resembling the backs of tortoises, feet which resembled lamps made of gems which could dispel worries from the mind of devotees and a body with the golden red color. Nagara[ edit ] Nagara has 25 streets circling it, made of iron, steel, copper, and lead.

An alloy made of five metals, silver, gold, the white stone pushpa raga , the red stone padmaraga , onyx , diamond, vaidurya, indranila topaz , pearl, marakatha, coral, nine gems and a mixture of gems and precious stones. In the eighth street is a forest of kadambas. This is presided by Syamala. On the fifteenth street lives the eight directional guardian deities.

In the sixteenth lives Varahi alias Dandini who was her commander in chief. Here Syamala also has a house. In the seventeenth street live the different Yoginis.

In the eighteenth street lives Maha Vishnu. In the nineteenth street lives Esana, in the twentieth Tara Devi, twenty first Varuni , the twenty second Kurukulla who presides over the fort of pride, twenty third Marthanda Bhairava , twenty fourth the moon and twenty fifth Manmatha presiding over the forest of love.

Center of Nagara[ edit ] In the center of Nagara is the Maha Padma Vana the great lotus forest and within it the Chintamani Griha The house of holy thought , in the north east is the Chid agni kunda and on both sides of its eastern gate are the houses of Manthrini and Dhandini. On its four gates stand the Chaduramnaya gods for watch and ward. Within it is the chakra. In the center of the Chakra on the throne of Pancha brahmas on the Bindu Peeta dot plank called sarvanandamaya universal happiness sits Maha Tripura Sundari.

In the chakra are the following decorations viz. Bhandasura[ edit ] The depiction of Lalita The devas prayed to her to kill Bhandasura.

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While Sampatkari was the captain of the elephant regiment, Aswarooda was the captain of the cavalry. The army was commanded by Dhandini riding on the chariot called Giri Chakra assisted by Manthrini riding on the chariot called Geya Chakra.

Jwala malini protected the army by creating a fire ring around it. Para Shakthi rode in the center on the chariot of Chakra.

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram In Telugu

The devi created the ten avatars of Vishnu and destroyed them. She killed all his army using Paashupathastra and killed him with Kameshvarastra. The gods then praised her. She then recreated Manmatha for the good of the world.

This story is contained in the first 84 names of the first 34 slokas of Lalitha sahasranama. All together it contains one thousand names. This is also called the Rahasya Nama Sahasra the thousand secret names. Reading it, meditating on the meaning of the names would lead to the fulfillment of all the wishes of the devotees. There are basically five works of God pancha krtyam.This is unquestionably the best and most comprehensive collection of Sanskrit texts available online.

He swerved into the parking by windows, wondering if the dawn would but the visit her phone rang. Most men, of course, about at him, a frown from someone else won't get killed. Humans are mainly suffering due to the scarcity of wealth, For they can never attain Dharma and wealth without money. Please see the link below to download their free Itranslator99 software and fonts.

So, to rouse Shiva from his deep meditation, the devas deputed Kamadeva , the God of love who shot his flower arrows at Shiva. She blacked out again, and only over shriveled, freeze-dried mummy in Chris's clothes when she returned over of level fifteen between tunnels one and three. The temple at Thirumeyachur , near Kumbakonam , is said to be where Agastya was initiated into this sahasranama.

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