“Ours is a hymnbook for the home as well as for the meetinghouse” (“First Presidency Preface,” Hymns, x). This online version of the official hymnbook. Hymns Made Easy presents 60 standard hymns in simplified form. The hymns are written in two or three parts or voices, rather than the usual four. Some of the . Public Domain Hymns from the Hymnbook A website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. July Contact E-mail: [email protected]

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Browse an Index. Hymns. Text Only · Title or First Line · Author/Composer · Hymn Number · Meter · Title, Tune, Meter · Topic · Tune Name. The hymns are listed by suggested use, but many of them could be used for more than one purpose. For instance, most of the opening and closing hymns could. A. A Key Was Turned in Latter Days (Women) A Mighty Fortress Is Our God A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief A voice hath spoken from the dust

Playing and hearing these Hymn Voluntaries fills the heart with devotion and inspiration.

This music lifts us to a higher level of worship through its elegance of rich melody and harmony. David's arrangements are refreshing and stylistically rich. They are a valued treasure for an organist's library.

A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of the Latter Day Saints, 1835

The set is full of stylistic variety and bears the mark of a fine musical craftsman. The pieces are well within the reach of an intermediate organist.

Andrew Unsworth in his former position as organist at the Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City I can't say enough good about this stunningly effective set of Christmas pieces.

These consistently fresh and appealing preludes are a joy to learn, to play and to hear.

As a composer, I pay them the ultimate compliment: I wish that I had written them! Gawthrop, composer Models of craft and invention, they lie easily under the fingers and offer real substance to both the beginner and the seasoned organist.

But maybe they should be afraid. Please fix this.

All it would take is to add a confirmation dialog asking if you really want to start it playing. Every now and then a hymn in the hymn list gets marked or highlighted and I can't remove that color highlight on the hymn.

I like that this has options for words and sheet music, that it has optional music to play for sing along or background, and that this is the official app. This is great for the iPhone, but on iPad it renders as a stretched phone app and doesn't make better use of the available space.


It's also too bad that copyright does allow the digital use in the app of all hymns in the hymn book some are blocked. The optional music somewhat sounds like violins, but it would be nice to have a preferences area where I can pick what instrument sound to have used and have a grand piano as an option if not the default option.

It would be nice if this were in the same app as the official gospel library, rather than as a separate app.

I loved this app in the beginning. When going to church I didn't need to use any books.

Book of Mormon

Teaching primary this an important tool for my lessons. But then the last time I updated this app. I tried looking up hymns and primary songs.

I searched songs by titles and numbers and nothing would appear. Then I decided to delete this app.

I just came across it again and thought I give this app a second chance because this app used to display the lyrics and play music so my primary kids could sing along. Each hymn in the Psalmody was cross-referenced by page number to the "Manchester Hymnal" and only used a few verses of the full hymn text. By today's standards many of the hymns are quite challenging, even for choirs, let alone congregational singing.

They were very high-pitched, sometimes ascending above the staff to a high g' or a' in the soprano parts. The tenor parts were written on a separate staff above the soprano and alto lines, making accompaniment difficult.

Still, the hymns in the Psalmody show tremendous skill in composition and originality. Daynes , and Thomas C. These men were accomplished musicians, composers, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir conductors. Many of their Psalmody hymn tunes have a pronounced "instrumental" feel, as if they were more suited for organ performance than choir or congregational singing.

Organ music composed and arranged by David Chamberlin

The intent of the mission presidents was to provide unity, prevent confusion and reduce the cost of stocking multiple hymnbooks by compiling favorite songs and hymns in one book.

It was the most popular and fastest selling LDS hymnbook up to that time. There were 12 printings between and The Deseret Sunday School Union published a series of songbooks beginning in the late Many of the songs in these early Sunday School songbooks were intended for use with youth and followed the "gospel song" style of bouncy rhythms, repeated pitches, a verse-chorus pattern, melodramatic metaphor, and a tendency to focus on exhortation to the singers.

Following the format of the Songs of Zion hymnbook, it was expanded and printed with two-staff notation instead of the three-staff format of the Psalmody. It was much more popular because the tunes were more "singable".But maybe they should be afraid.

Others draw their subject matter from the history of the church, including themes such as the Restoration and the pioneer experience. At that time, many of the familiar LDS Church's hymns that are sung today were finally fixed in place - but not with the tunes that were sung back in However, in the meantime, other followers continued to write, arrange, and collect hymns.

Budding composers in the church were encouraged to submit new tunes to fit the new and old lyrics. The pieces are well within the reach of an intermediate organist.

Children's Songbook

The edition included hymns, 5 of which were new. All rights reserved. The first five volumes were composed and published in numerical order. The intent of the mission presidents was to provide unity, prevent confusion and reduce the cost of stocking multiple hymnbooks by compiling favorite songs and hymns in one book.

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