Cross Sectional Imaging Made Easy®.pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Sectional Imaging Made Easy®.pdf. Abdominal CT scan made easy. 1. Abdominal CT Scan Crossing the barrier in bedside interpretation; 2. DR. MASRUR AKBAR KHAN MBBS. Use “Blood Can Be Very Bad” to quickly scan for pathology. B = Blood. “Acute hemorrhage appears hyperdense. (bright white) on CT. This is due to the fact.

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artifacts) common acute cerebral disorders can be easily assessed by the non- radiologist, facilitating the The normal head CT scan is performed with the. Tomography. ○ tomos = slice; graphein = to write. ○ definition - imaging of an object by analyzing its slices. Damien Hirst. Autopsy with Sliced Human. Brain. Computed tomography, more commonly known as a CT or CAT scan, is a more easily diagnose problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, . technologist, and the tiny hole made by the needle will be covered with a small dressing.

Avoid wearing jewelry. If the hospital does not provide a gown, the patient should wear loose-fitting clothes free of metal buttons and zippers.

Some patients may have to drink a contrast dye, or the dye may be given as an enema, or injected. This improves the picture of some blood vessels or tissues. Any patient who has an allergy to contrast material should tell the doctor beforehand. Some medications can reduce allergic reactions to contrast materials.

As metal interferes with the workings of the CT scanner, the patient will need to remove all jewelry and metal fastenings. During the scan The patient will need to lie down on a motorized examination table that slides into a doughnut-shaped CT scanner machine.

In most cases, the patient will lie on their back, facing up. But, sometimes, they may need to lie facedown or sideways.

After one x-ray picture, the couch will move slightly, and then the machine will take another image, and so on.

The patient needs to lie very still for the best results. During the scan, everybody except for the patient will leave the room.

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CT scan or CAT scan: How does it work?

Abdominal CT Scan Crossing the barrier in bedside interpretation 2. Can a Clinician interpret CT scan like a Radiologist? Read the information on the CT scan Do not get disoriented Hold the film in the proper orientation Follow the IV contrast filled Aorta as we descend caudally. Branches and points of interest will be noted.

Azygous Vein.

Hemiazygous Vein This is an excellent image of the right, middle and left hepatic veins draining into the Inferior Vena Cava. The outline of the Inferior Vena Cava is more distinct in this image. More portal vein branching into the liver lobes Splenic Artery.

Splenic Vein. Scroll up and down to confirm.

Spleen Splenic Vein Proper Hepatic Artery. Splenic Vein Portal vein Adrenal Glands You can see the Celiac artery starting to branch from the Aorta. For example, to examine the circulatory system, a contrast agent based on iodine is injected into the bloodstream to help illuminate blood vessels. This type of test is used to look for possible obstructions in blood vessels, including those in the heart. Oral contrast agents, such as barium-based compounds, are used for imaging the digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach, and GI tract.

Are there risks?

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CT scans can diagnose possibly life-threatening conditions such as hemorrhage, blood clots, or cancer. An early diagnosis of these conditions could potentially be life-saving. However, CT scans use x-rays, and all x-rays produce ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation has the potential to cause biological effects in living tissue. This is a risk that increases with the number of exposures added up over the life of an individual. However, the risk of developing cancer from radiation exposure is generally small.

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In general, if imaging of the abdomen and pelvis is needed, doctors prefer to use exams that do not use radiation, such as MRI or ultrasound. However, if neither of those can provide the answers needed, or there is an emergency or other time constraint, CT may be an acceptable alternative imaging option. In some patients, contrast agents may cause allergic reactions, or in rare cases, temporary kidney failure.

IV contrast agents should not be administered to patients with abnormal kidney function since they may induce a further reduction of kidney function, which may sometimes become permanent.

Children are more sensitive to ionizing radiation and have a longer life expectancy and, thus, a higher relative risk for developing cancer than adults. Parents may want to ask the technologist or doctor if their machine settings have been adjusted for children.

Breast CT scanner. In this breast CT scanner, a woman lies prone in a specially designed large table with her breast suspended in a special opening in the scanning bed. The scanner rotates around the breast, without passing through the chest, thus reducing the radiation that would be delivered to the chest in a conventional CT scanner.The Image The density of the body tissue determines the degree to which the x-rays are attenuated.

Risks The doctor should explain why the scan is needed, any other options available, and the pros and cons of having a CT scan. After one x-ray picture, the couch will move slightly, and then the machine will take another image, and so on.

Cross Sectional Imaging Made Easy®.pdf

When the decision is taken to perform a scan, doctors will ensure that the benefits outweigh any risk. This improves the picture of some blood vessels or tissues. In contrast, because of the advanced mathematical algorithms involved with CT, the three-dimensional planes of the human body can be imaged and displayed on a monitor as stacked images, detailing the entirety of the field of interest.


Any woman who suspects she may be pregnant should tell her doctor beforehand, because there is a risk that the x-rays could harm the fetus. With advancements in technology, it is rapidly replacing many diagnostic radiographic procedures.

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