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Paperback. Publisher: Shree Harihar Pustakalay, Surat. Language: Gujarati. Size : inch x inch. Pages: Other Details: Weight of the Book: gms. Gliding and soaring simply smeltitherabpigs.tk - Rekha Hindi edition of above Book of Knowledge in Q and Ans. 25 Lessons in Hypnotism. Hypnosis से Law Of attraction (अपनी मानसिक शक्ति का उपयोग Hypnosis Music; Hypnotherapy DVD; Hypnotherapy Book; Lunch.

Very beautiful language SLB has used in this novel. Being raised in a family where you have lot of respect towards culture, relations and in the meantime not neglecting self contentment, i like this book for several reasons Really like the character srinivasa shrothri, kathyayini and sadhashivaraya. As usual the narration and the style of writing is top notch. Entirely a very good book except for the climax which i think is very predictable Is it Uma Kulkarni's amazing and free flowing translation from kannada?

Or the strong character building by eminent writer Mr. Or it is the frankness of narration or its the background drama or its the theme?

I feels Its combination of all of this. Till now I had read only one other book written by Mr. Bhairappa aavaran and that did not make me his an at all, rather I was quite reluctant to read this or his any other I am not sure what I liked the most about this translated book. Bhairappa aavaran and that did not make me his an at all, rather I was quite reluctant to read this or his any other book earlier. How can we undertake this inner journey?

We do it by Relaxation. Meditation andRelaxation is one and the same thing, bothare inner journey by different methods butthe destination is the same. We do relaxation in any comfortable position,such as in a sitting or lying down position andin peaceful environment. We can use some instrumental soft music in thebackground for the smoothness of this innerjourney.

We should focus on different part of our bodygradually from the bottom to the top and loosenthem — one at a time. Let them relax gradually.

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After some time — and with a few practices - youwill start feeling that your body is very light andyour mind is very quiet. This particular state is called Alpha State. AlphaState is the most important state in the process. In this State, our Subconscious Mind is readyto take our command. This is another wayof saying that our genie is awakened.

This isthe time when we can give command to ourSubconscious Mind our Genie. You might be eager to know that in whichlanguage we should give commands. We can give commands orders to ourSubconscious Mind in two ways. By Visualization-the language of pictures and 2.

By Affirmation-the language of wordsVisualization is seeing the pictures of ourgoals on our mental screen. Visualizationis seeing our future now on our mentalscreen and feeling it as if we have achievedour goal.

Powers of Mind 17 Affirmation is repeating positive powerfulwords to ourselves.

All the Prayers andMantras are based on this principle ofaffirmation. If you can visualize, you can actualize.

With little practice you get the masteryover this process. Whatever we visualize gets storedpermanently in the storehouse of ourSubconscious Mind for future actions.

Whatever commands are given to ourSubconscious Mind will start manifesting inour life and help achieve our Goals. It will show us the result by creating newopportunities and getting help from the rightperson at the right time.

That means we should be alert to identify theright opportunity and take the appropriateactions. Friends if you follow this sequence scientificallyall your dreams will be converted into realityand surprise you.


All the best.. I am on standby to hear from you— Emails, Calls and Messages are all welcome! This will help them realize their potentialand convert their dreams to reality.

This book isintended to spread this knowledge to the masses.

Shikho Hypnotism ( શીખો હીપ્નોટીઝમ )

I appeal to all of you who have read this book:please pass this book onwards to as many peopleas you can as a gift. If they read it and start usingthe power of their Subconscious Mind, they willbecome quite independent and will not rely onanyone.

In fact, instead, they will be able to helpmany others. Together, we will have taken a stepforward in creating a happier and satisfied society.

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Prerna Nu Zarnu Guj. Man Ane Jivan 3. Sneh Nu Jharnu Gujarati 5. Stree 6. The Gift Gujarati 8.

Visulisation 9. Dhanvan to Banvu J Joie English Lokona Man Jitvani Kala Confidence Goal Setting and Achieving Gujarati How to choose a life partner? Kshan ne Sachavo English Ekrar English Mara Vahla Dikra Ne Gujarati Yauvan Ni Prarthna Gujarati Preranamurti Gujarati 2. Vakil ki Prathana Hindi5.

Learn T. Man No Mahamantra 4.In fact, instead, they will be able to helpmany others.

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