Urth Lunch To Go. SIGNATURE SALADS. The Urth Salad. Our famous salad made with locally grown mixed greens, feta cheese, Roma tomatoes, hearts of palm. [email protected] Some items require 24 to 48 hours' notice. Customized menus and Corporate accounts available. Contact our Catering Manager. Up to date Urth Caffe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid's meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

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Urth Caffe, Los Angeles: See unbiased reviews of Urth Caffe, rated of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #70 of restaurants in Los Angeles. Urth Caffé is fast paced and hard work, and at the same time – we are very much one great team and family. We strive to create an environment where all are. Established in , Urth Caffé has sought to provide only the finest and most exquisite culinary experiences for our customers. We always strive to touch the.

Place has terrible line service and how they seat people and take to-go's. I waited 30 minutes just to place a to-go order.

Only reason I waited was I was ordering for Been here a few times now, It seems when it's really busy which is always they lack in service and quality of food. My salads come out warm, watermelon juice comes out warm and they seem to not be tentative to tables. Not too happy with this place anymore Hit n miss on lines and crowds.. I usually don't stress about parking and pay in the lot directly across the street.

It's Only reason i can't give 5 stars is because it takes a long time to get your food, and when receiving my avocado toast it's was burnt around the edges..

Other than that everything else was great. I've come several times and so far have not had anything bad here. This last time we had the salmon pizza. It was so good. It was the perfect blend of two of my favorites Their pastries are also all very good. Their coffee hits the spot Parking does suck, I've been lucky enough to usually always find parking along the apartments.

Their lines can get pretty long and yes space is limited for seating but that's how it is with a lot of places in LA. Deal with it or eat at home. It was a hype -- nothing more, nothing less. What I am disappointed about is the quality of the food and the long wait in line. The line was roughly around 20 minutes long, finding a seat is as rare as finding a gem, and the food was mediocre at best.

The pastries were less than great and I just did not enjoy the overall experience. There is often something wrong with my order.

Parking is a pain. I prefer the Pasadena location for its spaciousness, ample indoor and outdoor seating and a little bit easier parking situation. I usually have the Vegetarian Lasagna - a hefty portion served with salad and bread. It has nice thick slices of eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms layered with pasta, tomato sauce and Ricotta cheese. I just came here for Coffee and dessert since it was a late night. The location was right over the Downtown LA bridge making it easy to reach.

I'm not a latte expert but that was damn good judging from flavored spicey hint. A inspired recipe from Barcelona. Rich of flavor with that creamy tang. The Cake was amazing! It was so rich I needed help finishing it. It wasn't too overpowering with the coconut leaving you with a light taste of vanilla for a even balance. Absolutely I will back to try more! Okay but can I get 5 starts for this cute boy I don't remember exactly what we ordered now I'm doing this so late but I do remember it was delicious!

So fresh and clean. This place defs gets packed obvs bc it's amazing so be prepared and patient to await in line. They work super fast and gave amazing service with how crazy it gets in there. Let's be human and remember they're trying their best to please customers Honestly, was kinda disappointed the last time we came here. Second time we have been here that the latte came after we were finished with our meal I'm starting to believe this place is just a hipster hype haven!

The caprese I ordered - man that bread was way too thick and hard - cut the roof of your mouth type. The sauce on the upside was good. BF got asked twice how he wanted his poached eggs cooked for his breakfast hash.

Ratings and reviews

He said over medium both times and they were nearly raw. No spoon to eat up the soup I was the eggs had created for the hash. Made a little melting pool of egg and hash juice. He had to scoop it up with my salad lettuce.

I mean I'll still come here on a whim but i feel like it's priced so high for what you get - seems to be priced for all the hype this place has gotten. Well, at least the latte tasted delicious as always and the ingredients were fresh and the guy who brought us our food was nice. Great place, okay prices, food is healthy and delicious. The desserts are amazing!!! Love the atmosphere I know this place for a little while but I was familiar with Ruth's cafe from other locations.

Try Italian omelette great taste of everything. In picture there is burrito.

However not a great burrito place. Stick with everything else since I tried most of them and it tasted delicious. They get really packed during lunch time so keep that in mind.

Their pastries look so delicious with lots of varieties like green tea matcha tiramisu to vegan pumpkin pie. If you try any of their desserts, I would highly recommend it with their dark roast coffee. Came here for lunch on a Saturday at around 1pm. The line was very long but it went pretty quickly. It was crowded but not too hard finding a table - they have a lot of small tables on the outskirts of the restaurant.

Anyways I've been here many times and I've had an enjoyable meal each time. It I was rating only on food I'd give it 3 stars but the desserts here take it to 4.

It is VERY thick, dense and rich.. This is one of my favorite cheesecakes and something I'll get when I really want to indulge in a rich dessert. Also had their earl grey and matcha tiramisu. These are way lighter than the cheesecakes and the flavor of the tea really comes through in each one. Boba is one of the best I've had and I'm an Asian girl who has been to pretty much every boba place in Koreatown and more. The issue was that the food took ages to come out.

Understandably it's a busy place, but we came near the tail end of lunch when it was winding down and it got to the point when we had to ask if they forgot our orders.

I ordered a Caprese sandwich with a side of salad. It wasn't bad, it just tastes like any other standard sandwich I can get at the deli.

Perhaps I should've ordered a more "hyped" up item but I just don't see what makes this place stand out when there's so many better options in LA for this price point. I've been here a couple of times and each time I've been it is really busy. However the line moves fairly quickly and takes about 10 minutes to get your drink.

The place is a little small compared to the Pasadena location. The only bad thing about this location is that the parking is a hassle.

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They have valet parking but if you want free parking then you have to look around and there are a few spots available. This location is in the art district which is perfect if you love art and murals because there are plenty around here.

I had a Spanish latte and it was amazing. It wasn't too sweet or bitter it was just the right mix. Plus it comes with a cool design. The first time I only got an iced coffee to go but this time I decided to go for breakfast.

I ordered the waffles and a latte. I arrived at 10am and there was at least 12 people in the line but the line moves quick. The wait for the food wasn't too long either, I was eating probably 15 min after ordering. They deliver the food right to your table so you don't have to get up. The staff was super friendly and if you are a new customer then they make sure to give you tips on what to order based on what you like.

Parking is a hassle though, we had to park 2 blocks away because they only have valet parking so we went and found street parking. The bathrooms are also small and so a line forms but they are clean. I would definitely go back and try different food options. Very interesting place. The environment was pretty unique, and the shop was crowded. I liked my Portuguese coffee, which was sweeter than regular coffee. The pizza was also tasty too.

Good for a date, but could be a bit crowded for one. I wasn't able to immediately grab a table. Beware, you will want to order everything and it adds up quickly! The prosciutto Benny was delicious and I loved how they asked for our poached eggs preference soft and runny or medium.

The matcha green tea latte was delicious and I'm glad they were able to do it sugar free. I asked for a platter of desserts to go and they decorated it with strawberries and fresh flowers. Love this cute Cafe. Met my sister and brother in-law for brunch. Too many choices but opted for prosciutto with poached eggs and shared Belgian waffle with my sis.

Was a bit disappointed with the waffle because it had a sour batter which we did not like. The sticky bun was also a bit dry in the middle which was a little disappointed too. My breakfast was good but will try something else next time. Have tried the melrose and this location. Both have same menu I think. Parking sucks around here so be prepared.

I tried the Rumi latte, but it didn't taste as good as I thought it would, the turmeric taste was very strong. The manager however was very sweet and allowed me to change my latte to a Cafe Latte. The Nutella pastry was delicious, make sure to get that warmed up! And the avocado toast was o-k, I've certainly had better else where, but still delicious nonetheless! I love coming here because there's something for everyone.

From vegan and gluten free options, to awesome breakfast and lunch options. You can also grab a pastry and coffee and bring your laptop and get your work done. It does get busy during lunch hours, but you can skip the line if you place your order to go. There's also plenty of free street parking. One of my favorite items is the vegan pesto sandwich. The food quality is always solid, and you can enjoy your meal indoors or outside on their patio. Urth Cafe is a staple in the Los Angeles community.

Check it out, if you can. Came here for the first time since I was craving a late night snack.

I was going to get a slice of coconut cake but then I saw the pie.. So I asked if they had ice cream as well to go with the pie and they did!

So I ended up getting the pecan pie warmed up with ice cream. I had forgotten that what I had been looking for was peach cobbler so I was hesitant on the pecan pie. It turned out to be very good! I had my parents try it as well and they loved it.

We finished the little pie so quickly.

Serving size is for one person but you can share if you get small bites. Anyways, I definitely will go back for more! My personal favorites: The tostada salad is really good!

Urth Cafe, Laguna Beach

I add chicken and avocado to mine and it always leaves me pleasantly full. It reminds me of a chipotle burrito bowl because it has a lot of the same ingredients like lettuce, Pico de Gallo, black beans and rice but it tastes a lot fresher!

I also recommend the "El Diablo" panini if you want something with a little kick! In terms of drinks, I always get the green tea smoothie with boba. I'm from the and we have really good boba here but Urth Cafe does it right! It's super soft and chewy. You can also infuse the smoothie with different flavors such as vanilla or coconut, so have fun trying those variations.

I wish I would of brought cash to tip the bust boys because they deserve it.

The staff Urth Cafe is so hard working and pleasant. If you are into healthy options they have tons of them! Their desserts are of the wall and priced perfectly.

Everything here is made with love I also appreciate the music they play. Thanks Urth for representing diversity and quality. Thank you Huh? After frequenting here for years, I just realized I never reviewed Urth Caffe - a staple of Los Angeles in so many ways and a great visit for any visitors new and old.

The decor is one of the first things you'll notice, especially now with some nice retro vibes from its rotating sign to an old-school clock.

Come in and you'll find a little bit of a confusing line situation depending if you're eating in or eating out. Usually there's a friendly server who will help direct you in the right way but don't be too taken off guard. As you go to order, you'll be greeted by a large menu and pastry line. The line sometimes is a bit long but goes by pretty quickly. You'll then look for seating which is always a bit of a cluster but somehow always there is some sort of seating available.

Heat lamps are available outside.Always busy.

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Design by Not too happy with this place anymore Hit n miss on lines and crowds.. Cool spot in LA but too much hype.

The environment was pretty unique, and the shop was crowded.

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